Classy Swag--The Artisan Crafted Gift That Gives Back

Classy Swag--The Artisan Crafted Gift That Gives Back

You're In the Right Place If:


  • You struggle to find a truly unique bonus gift for your best customers or employees
  • You have purchased appreciation gifts in the past that have ended up in the closet, the “donate” pile or the trash
  • You’ve never seen your clients or employees wearing or using any of your bonus gifts
  • You’ve never seen a return on investment with your swag

With HoonArts Classy Swag you will:


  • Be proud to show your appreciation with stunning handmade gifts 

  • Turn your top clients and employees into natural ambassadors for you and your company

  • Effortlessly watch your customers and employees show off your company gifts, over & over again

  • Convert SWAG from a non-recoverable expense to a long-term investment

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and giving back

If this sounds good, then HoonArts Classy Swag may be a perfect fit for you! Our handcrafted artisan-made products are show stoppers wherever they go. And they are perfect for conscious businesses that want to use their money to make a difference in the world and give amazing high end gifts within a budget.


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