We are committed to building a more peaceful, prosperous and connected global community.  One aspect of that commitment is our “Community Counts” program.  We donate 1% of each sale to Bridges to Tajikistan and 1% of each sale to the nonprofit organization of the customer’s choice. Right now, we do not have an automated system for registering a customer's choice of charity.  Instead, we ask that you send an email direct to HoonArts CEO, Rikki Quintana, at, to let us know that you would like to designate a particular 501(c)(3) charity for purposes of your purchases from HoonArts under the Community Counts program.  If we do not have a specific designation on file for you, we will donate 2% of each of your purchases to Bridges to Tajikistan.  We will send payments to designated charities, including Bridges to Tajikistan, when the amount owed has accumulated to at least $10.  If you would like to find out the status of donations under our Community Counts program at any time, please contact Rikki Quintana.


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