Copy of Draft (The Plan)

Begin Your Unique Adventure Today

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Choose Your Doorway to Your Own Unique Adventure
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Leave the Worries Behind
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Enjoy Your Beautiful & Unique Central Asian Adventure
  • Doorway #1: Book an Upcoming Travel Tour or Online Experience
  • Doorway #2: Explore the Educational Opportunities   Available Every Day on Our Website
  • Doorway #3: Head Straight to the Shopping Experience of a Lifetime
  • In stock boutique
  • Bespoke custom design program

When you work with HoonArts, you know that you’ll get the uniqueness & values you crave

  • Fair Trade Federation verified ethical business practices
  • Travel tours co-sponsored by highly rated tour company with over 25 years experience in unique, intimate tours
  • Airbnb-vetted 5 star Online Experiences
  • 5-star rated products from award-winning artists
  • Free US shipping on orders of $50 or more
  • Easy returns and exchanges on in-stock items
Whichever Doorway you choose, you’ll have a unique behind-the-scenes experience that celebrates the real and beautiful you!
    You’ll emerge from your journey with memories that leave you confident in your unique sense of beauty and connected to your values and the world.