What Our Fans Are Saying

Regarding Our Hand-Felted Silk Scarves From Kyrgyzstan:

Florian G. on Dec 01, 2018

Wonderful material and craftsmanship! Very pleased with this purchase.

Monica L. on Apr 11, 2018

I love this scarf! it looks great with a dress and pants. Better than pictured.

Julia I. on Dec 28, 2017

My aunt raved about it. She said it should be displayed on the wall. She commented on the workmanship loved the back story about the two sisters that support their family with the proceeds.

Regarding Our Hand-Felted Animals From Tajikistan:

Joan S. on Jan 02, 2017

Great little bear. This is for a friend, who collects teddy bears. She didn’t have one from Tajikistan, so now she does. Very cute!

Regarding Our Hand-Forged Knives From Tajikistan:

Denise Bucci on Sept. 27, 2017

My husband and I used this beautiful knife from HoonArts to cut our wedding cake at our small outdoor ceremony. He appreciated the craftsmanship and uniqueness immediately after seeing it at a craft show several months before and purchased it without question. When we were packing for our wedding ceremony, he threw it in the bag to cut the cake. It was just the right size, and it looks fantastic in the photos! We both love supporting organizations that make a difference, and HoonArts is a business that serves a social need but also has interesting products that are special and will stand out from the others in your home collections.

Regarding Our Pamir Slipper Socks From Tajikistan:

Joan S. on Jan 02, 2017

Great jurors [jurabs]! I bought lots of these when in Tajikistan, but I needed another pair to give to a friend. These were just perfect!

Sara r. on Dec 20, 2016

Unique gift, speedy shipping. My partner's own Pamir slipper socks like these that he purchased while travelling in Tajikistan wore out recently so I got these for him as a replacement. He was incredibly happy with them and amazed at the craftsmanship (craftswomanship). His shoe size is 11.5 US, and the XL fit a little more snugly than his old pair, but those were probably a bit stretched out after having been worn for 4 years- we'll see if these ones do the same. I was also amazed at how quickly the package arrived. Glad to know HoonArts store is online for gifts like this in the future that can remind him of his travels. He was also excited to learn about the stories behind the socks from the Hoon Arts website and Youtube videos.

Regarding Our Hand-Carved Wooden Combs From Tajikistan:

KRS on Oct 04, 2018

Pure luxury. It seemed like such an extravagance when I first admired this comb. I really wanted it! It was so beautifully carved and I was captivated. I went home. Thought about is for several days and ordered it from this site. It was delivered promptly and I was out of town so I had to wait longer. What a beauty it is! I never imagined that it would feel so luxurious to comb my shoulder length hair! I'm about to banish my brush forever!

Regarding Our Hand-Woven Ikat Silk Scarves From Uzbekistan:

Siddiqa M. on Feb 14, 2018

The design is beautiful . . .

Regarding Our Handmade Felt Zooties From Kyrgyzstan:

Lion Zooties.

Anonymous on Oct 30, 2017

I bought the zooties for a gift for a granddaughter for December. She will love them. Well made, fun and creative.

Giraffe Zooties

Gwenyth Lewis on Dec 22, 2018

The giraffe slippers are my favorite gift I'm giving to anyone this season! The giraffe slippers are a gift for my grandson, so he hasn't seen them yet. But how great to give something that I think he'll enjoy a lot over time -- and hopefully think of me with joy when he wears them. I do my best to give gifts that also reflect my values, so sharing Hoon Arts gifts, which also help others to be self-sufficient, is very important to me. That these HoonArts women make such fun and beautiful items --- fabulous!! And they look very sturdy, too -- love the solid soles!

From Chris Schueler, Award-Winning Filmmaker:

Rikki’s invitation to meet a delegation from Tajikistan in 2013 was the initial spark that led to my own travels there and ultimately to my creating an internationally acclaimed documentary about one of the regions amazing men, Muhammad Osimi. Rikki has been a partner along the whole journey.

HoonArts, which Rikki has built from the ground up, does much more than just offer unique high quality artisan-made products from Central Asia. It has opened a modern doorway into the world of the people and the culture of the ancient Silk Road. A catalyst for empowerment and transformation, Rikki and HoonArts are truly making the impossible possible through the language of art.

Anyone wanting to explore new worlds and have their shopping dollars make a difference in the world must visit HoonArts.com.

Rachel Biel

HoonArts is a member of two groups that I run, TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List and Artizan Made. Rikki joined in September 2016 and it has been a joy to get to know her and to watch her build HoonArts. She has been a firm and consistent advocate for the people of Tajikistan, focusing on culture and the beauty she sees them express. She has been working hard to bring in products that are relevant to the West and that can support the artisan communities she works with. Their designs keep getting better and better! And, as a Fair Trade Member, Rikki has spent a great deal of time and energy supporting their programs and promoting this important movement in trade. We have never met personally, but when we do, I know it will be as old friends!

Regarding Our Kimono Jackets FromTajikistan:

Andrea Carvey on March 13, 2019

I love my kimono jackets. I’ve got two of them and they are wonderful! They are warm when it’s cool out, and they are cool when it’s warm out. They go over my jeans, they go over my slacks, I just love them!