Authentic Storytelling for Maximum Impact CCW2022

Authentic Storytelling for Maximum Impact CCW2022


Meaningful storytelling is a key element of any effective marketing or fundraising strategy. Unfortunately, generating simple but effective stories with lasting impact, especially when the people whose stories are being told are located in developing countries, can be very challenging (both logistically and financially). These "remote" stories often end up unintentionally sacrificing the authenticity and dignity of the very people whose lives they most want to impact in a positive way.

In this roundtable discussion, you’ll hear from experts in social impact storytelling, as well as grassroots organisations in multiple sectors. The panelists include yours truly, Rikki Quintana, HoonArts Fair Trade Founder & CEO, based in the US; Katja Noordam, Founder of Fair Change, based in The Netherlands; Gautam Malik of Jaggery, based in India; and Mikey Leung of Digital Storytellers, based in Australia. The panelists discuss best practices in effective storytelling, as well as simple and inexpensive logistical solutions to the challenges of capturing memorable and impactful stories in even the smallest organisations.


This session, live-streamed during Catalysing Change Week 2022 (May 9-13), sponsored by the global network Catalyst 2030, is the first step in developing a multi-faceted "Took Kit" for measuring impact and effective storytelling in the social entrepreneurial and innovation space.

For more information about the Catalyst 2030 global network, visit their website. Over 250 events and sessions sponsored by Catalyst members and action groups took place around the world during Catalysing Change Week, the world’s largest event led by social innovators and entrepreneurs to share knowledge, exchange ideas and accelerate collaborative systems change. Many of the online sessions were recorded and are available to the public without charge. To check out some of these sessions, visit the Catalysing Change Week 2022 website.

If you would like to know more about the collaborative development of the planned Took Kit for Impact Measurement and Effective Storytelling, contact to be added to the Measuring Impact Action Group mailing list.


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