Celebrating Spring Holidays!

Celebrating Spring Holidays!

Navruz Mubarak!

This week, we want to wish a Happy Navruz to our family, friends and colleagues in Central Asia! (The official date for Navruz is March 21, but the holiday is typically celebrated for several days in all the countries we work with.) May you enjoy a year of happiness, love, peace and prosperity.

Navro'z muborak—Uzbek

Навруз муборак-Tajik

Нооруз кут болсун-Kyrgyz

Navruz (meaning “New Day” in Farsi and Tajik) is the largest festival period throughout Central Asia. Also known as the Persian New Year, Navruz has an estimated 3,000+ year history, originating with Zoroastrianism. In 2016, Navruz was inscribed into the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Navruz is an especially joyful time this year, because it also falls during the Islamic month of Ramadan, when Muslims around the world abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset.

For more information about how Navruz is celebrated in Central Asia, check out our blog at https://www.hoonarts.com/blogs/the-hoonarts-caravanserai/happy-nawruz. You will also enjoy the UNESCO video about Navruz and the sights and sounds of this ancient spring festival as it is celebrated in many different Central Asian countries.

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