FEED THE NEED FOR RED--The Fair Trade Gift Guide

by Rikki Quintana July 20, 2020

FEED THE NEED FOR RED--The Fair Trade Gift Guide



From Central Asia

In Central Asia, the color red symbolizes the sun,

warmth, summer, beauty, love and the joy of life.

Hand Felted Poppy Scarf-- Merino Wool on Handwoven Silk 

(Also in Short & X-Long)

Crafted by Seven Sisters, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 

Hand Embroidered Pomegranate Wall Hanging | HoonArts

Armughon Handicrafts Embroidery Artisans from Tajikistan

Hand Embroidered Suzani Wall Hanging 

Crafted by Armughon Handicrafts of the Zerafshan Valley of Tajikistan

From Guatemala

Beaded Swirl Triangle Earrings
Crafted in Santiago Atitlan
Dunitz & Company Fused Glass Artisan from Guatemala

Fused Glass Teardrop Earrings

Crafted in the Outskirts of Guatemala City 

From India


In India, the color red symbolizes the Shakti or strength of the sacred female principle (the Goddess Durga). 



Kalya Cotton and Wool Shawl

Crafted in Punjab, India

Hansa Redbird Scarf

Crafted in Gujarat, India

From Africa

Zulu Wire Basket (12" Across, 2.5" High)

Crafted in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Ugandan Bukeda & Raffia Basket (Red) | Baskets of Africa

Ugandan Basket Weaver | Baskets of Africa

Ugandan Bukedo & Raffia Basket (15"-16" Across, 3"-4" Tall)

Crafted in the Outskirts of Kampala, Uganda


Just visit the websites of our Fair Trade companies by clicking on the logos below. 

HoonArts Fair Trade Home Page


 Baskets of Africa Home Page

Rikki Quintana
Rikki Quintana


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