HoonArts Bespoke Journey-The First Leg

HoonArts Bespoke Journey-The First Leg

The jacket on the left is one of the first HoonArts "Bespoke" products created using the patterns discussed in the video below. The photo on the right is a corner of the large heirloom suzani embroidered tapestry from the Panjakent region of Tajikistan that served as the source for the authentic pattern used in creating the jacket.

The HoonArts Fair Trade team gathered earlier this month for a discussion about the "HoonArts Bespoke" journey. This new program gives clients the unique opportunity to co-create one-of-a-kind custom fashion and home decor products with our master artisans in the Stans of Central Asia.


The HoonArts Bespoke program is designed for women who value uniqueness, and want to feel confident and connected to their own unique sense of beauty, their values and the world. These are women who are tired of having to settle for an unsatisfying "off the shelf" life, and would much prefer to create their own beautiful world from the inside out.

This video, which was originally live-streamed on Zoom and Facebook, focuses on the inspiration for the program and HoonArts' first leg along that journey: the basic patterns designed and sized for American bodies.

Stay tuned for the next leg of the Bespoke Journey, coming soon.

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