HoonArts CCC: Sarah Wilkinson--Youth Cultural Exchanges that Transform the Future

HoonArts CCC: Sarah Wilkinson--Youth Cultural Exchanges that Transform the Future

If you missed the live broadcast, you can catch the video recording of our most recent Conscious Collaboration Circle (CCC) chat with Sarah Wilkinson, Founding Director of the Albuquerque-based nonprofit organization Global One to One.



Join the HoonArts team for a live interview with the leader of another small organization making a big impact globally and struggling to be heard above the "noise" of the big guys. This is the second installment in our Conscious Collaboration Circle, where we're spotlighting other like-minded businesses and organizations to celebrate the "little guys," grow our collective audience and networks and help rebalance the equities in a world dominated by the 1%.

Sarah and the HoonArts team discuss the far-reaching impacts of small nonprofits and social enterprises, which can often address pressing global issues through authentic local and grassroots collaborations. Learn more about Sarah's drive to start a global organization over 15 years ago to create a better world for her son and future generations, against all odds!

Global One to One has now included over 18,000 young people in 29 countries in both virtual and in-person exchange programs that are inclusive and deeply impactful. Hear more about the challenges and the ongoing inspiration behind Sarah's work with lessons to be applied to small and medium-sized organizations everywhere.

To learn more about the amazing work of Global One to One, visit their website.


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