HoonArts Live: CCC with Stephanie Calver

HoonArts Live: CCC with Stephanie Calver

Tune in here for the replay of our latest HoonArts Live episode of our Conscious Collaboration Circle with Stephanie Calver of Leaping Fox Consulting, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As a leadership and wellness coach, retreat facilitator, and community builder, Stephanie focuses on weaving together leadership, wellness, and sustainability, to support others as they deepen practices for self-awareness and set intentions to amplify their impact on local and global communities.



Stephanie and HoonArts founder Rikki Quintana discuss the many diverse paths that led Stephanie to her current entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as the sustainability and intergenerational values that guide her. Not surprisingly, it turns out that building a fair trade business like HoonArts (based in Albuquerque, New Mexico) and building a coaching and leadership training business in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, have a lot in common when we're both dedicated to building a whole new business ecosystem.


For an in-depth exploration with Stephanie, we also encourage you to participate in her online course, Inspiring your Leader Within: Explorations in Creativity, Intuition & Sustainability 

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