Rikki Quintana-Podcast Interview on Learning from Smart People with Rob Oliver

How to Build a Fair Trade Business

Many people ask how I went from being a burned-out retired lawyer to an international fair trade vendor working with artisans in Central Asia. I recently shared my entrepreneurial journey on Rob Oliver's podcast, Learning from Smart People. Check out my episode on "How to Build a Fair Trade Business" if you're curious!

If you're interested in entrepreneurship in general, you'll love all the episodes on Rob's podcast just like I do, so I recommend that you subscribe today.​ There's a huge variety of people and experiences represented on Learning from Smart People, from large to small businesses in many industries. Rest assured that you'll learn something every time. And you won't feel like it "doesn't apply to me" because after all, "they" are already a big success because of factors that I can't compete with, like fame, fortune or connections. Rob interviews people who are working day to day in the trenches that you can really relate to!

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