Handcrafting a World of Difference: the Podcast Version.

Handcrafting a World of Difference: the Podcast Version.


I was recently interviewed on Minding Your Business, a local podcast and radio show about the steps and stories of entrepreneurs building New Mexico’s businesses. The hosts of the show, Margarita Guarin and Neema Pickett from WESST (an Albuquerque-based entrepreneurial support organization), interview the owners of our state’s diverse businesses so that listeners can be inspired, discover new things, and envision business through a new lens. 

My daughter listened to my episode, entitled “Handcrafting a world of difference,” and reported that she learned things she didn’t know before. Since I’ve been regaling her with my HoonArts stories for almost 8 years, that tells me that Margarita and Neema managed to ask me questions that provided a new perspective on my entrepreneurial journey. I invite you to listen to our conversation and let me know if you learned something you didn’t know before.



I loved chatting with Margarita and Neema. I think you’ll enjoy listening to other stories about New Mexico businesses on the Minding Your Business podcast, so I encourage you to check it out on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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