Is it time to panic yet?

Is it time to panic yet?


Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have come and gone. And I’ve barely begun to do my Christmas shopping. It seems like the job is just too big to even start, even though I know all about the shipping delays and the supply chain problems. 

I have the Amazon wish lists for my favorite people, but they are so boring! And looking for anything on Amazon or other big e-commerce sites soon becomes overwhelming. (Case in point: I gave up shopping for new shipping mailers and boxes this morning when 5 zillion options popped up.)

What about you?

If you’re in the same boat, you might need some manageable small window-shopping “bites” to kickstart your holiday shopping (or even your motivation to shop). So we’ve put together a collection of mini “product sets” that give you an idea of how you can mix and match our unique handmade products. We hope they help get you started.

Thank goodness you no longer have to get off the couch and head to the mall to do the actual shopping . . . . No parking problems, no crowds, no check-out lines when you shop at HoonArts. But, as always, HoonArts focuses on the unique, so many of our goodies are one-of-a-kind or a limited artist’s edition, so you can’t wait too long.


And if you need more help narrowing things down to make sure that you get your loved one what they REALLY want, we have a shopping questionnaire (“The Perfect Gift”) that you can have your loved one fill out. Even better, just pick out the questions that are most relevant to them, and discuss it in person over dinner or Zoom (or, gasp, the old school phone!) Click here to download The Perfect Gift.


Product Sets for you to Kickstart your Holiday Shopping

1. Elegance in Black & White
Shop set inclusions:
2. Captivating in Grey
Shop set inclusions:
3. Touch of Purity and Gold
Shop set inclusions:
4. Nature's Beauty

Shop set inclusions:
5. Cheerful & Bright

Shop set inclusions:

I hope these little bite-sized tastes of modern Silk Road artistry help take your mind off the craziness buffeting the world and inspire you to think about the fun you can have shopping this season. And just imagine watching your special person's face light up when they open up a gift containing one of these gorgeous and unique treasures, And the cherry on top is that your purchase is empowering individual artists on the other side of the world.

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