It Took 6 Painful Years of “Marketing Therapy” to Realize the Truth

It Took 6 Painful Years of “Marketing Therapy” to Realize the Truth

In this video, I share some of the marketing struggles I have faced in building a fair trade business from scratch. After six years of marketing "therapy," and 14 paid marketing courses and consultations, I have come full circle to realizing that HoonArts is not (just) a products company. It's much than that, and always has been, from my perspective. But it took all that “therapy” to see my own blindspot and stop trying to pound a square peg into a round hole with our marketing. Now that we see the authentic truth, it’s changed everything!

If you want to hear more, watch the video. I apologize in advance for the 10 minute length. I was shocked when I finished recording it—it didn’t seem that long! I expected and wanted to make it shorter, but I ran out of time to script it, cut it down in length, and reshoot it. I know that your time is precious.  If you can’t squeeze in the time to listen, you can speed it up and read the subtitles, which I did edit.


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