Love and Culture in Central Asia

Love and Culture in Central Asia

A lifetime without Love is of no account
Love is the Water of Life
Drink it down with heart and soul!

Central Asia is located at the heart of the Silk Road, where East meets West. One of my great joys at HoonArts has always been comparing our Western cultural traditions with corresponding Eastern traditions, and seeing where they overlap and where they differ.

Certainly celebration of love is one of those overlapping areas. The great Sufi poet Rumi, who was born in Central Asia in 1207 and eventually settled in Turkey, is known for his love poems. He is one of the most well-known and popular poets in both East and West. Nevertheless, our cultural celebrations of romantic love and in particular honoring women follow somewhat different pathways, reflecting  different local histories.

The Western celebration of Valentine's Day, which traces back to the celebration of the 3rd-century Roman saint commemorated in Western Christianity on February 14 and in Eastern Orthodoxy on July 6, has been associated with courtly love since the High Middle Ages (1000 AD-1300 AD). The current celebration of Valentine’s Day with greeting cards, flowers, chocolates and gift giving began in the UK in the 19th century.

While Valentine’s Day may be promoted by some merchants in Central Asia, it is more generally identified as a purely Western holiday that is inconsistent with the cultural and religious identity of the people of Central Asia, who are predominantly Muslim. Nevertheless, some individuals mark February 14th as a private occasion to exchange heartfelt gestures, thoughtful gifts, or engage in personal traditions that resonate with their interpretation of love within the framework of Central Asian culture.

In contrast, International Women's Day emerges as a cultural superstar in the fabric of Central Asian societies. This day, celebrated on March 8th annually, holds profound significance, embracing a multitude of meaningful traditions that symbolize respect, appreciation, and the recognition of women's achievements.

One popular tradition involves the giving of flowers, notably tulips or mimosa, as powerful symbols of admiration and respect for women. The choice of these particular blooms carries cultural significance; tulips are often associated with beauty and love, while mimosa symbolizes sensitivity and strength. The act of gifting these flowers becomes a poignant expression, extending beyond mere gestures to convey a deeper appreciation for the vital role that women play in society.

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Public events, including cultural performances and exhibitions, create a vibrant atmosphere that amplifies the importance of International Women's Day. Through art, music, and shared narratives, women's contributions are spotlighted and acknowledged, fostering a sense of unity and pride. In workplaces, employers often take this opportunity to recognize and honor female employees.

Family gatherings further amplify the significance of the day by creating a space for expressing gratitude and celebrating the women within the family. It's a time for shared meals, meaningful conversations, and the exchange of thoughtful gestures.

Going beyond the simple day of celebration represented by Valentine’s Day, International Women's Day has become a catalyst for discussions  in Central Asia on gender equality, women's rights, and opportunities for empowerment. Communities engage in dialogues that explore ways to uplift and support women, ensuring that their voices are heard and their contributions recognized not just on this day but throughout the year.

At HoonArts, we strive to celebrate love not just on Valentine's Day but every day through the beautiful artistry of our artisan partners. Our handcrafted scarves, jewelry and other handmade art from Central Asia create a beautiful tapestry that embodies the rich cultural heritage of the region. By sharing the authentic culture of the Silk Road, we hope to bring together East and West to build a more equitable world of unity in diversity.

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