Mother's Day 2021 Collection-Up Close & Personal

Mother's Day 2021 Collection-Up Close & Personal


Does shopping for a Mother's Day gift or a birthday gift for a special woman in your life seem like a "social emergency"? Would you like to give that special woman a gift this year that will make her feel loved, confident, and connected to her own unique sense of beauty, values, and the world?

We set up this live-streaming event so that your shopping is a breeze. No one needs any more stress than they are already experiencing!

Denise Bucci, our "Chief Collaborator," who has been part of the HoonArts team from the evening HoonArts was born, joined founder Rikki Quintana for this inaugural HoonArts Live event. We shared some stories from HoonArts' history. We also showed off the beautiful and unique products we selected for the carefully curated Mother's Day Collection.

Although Mother's Day has now come and gone, you can still choose one of these fabulous items for that special lady on her special day. We also provided a sneak peek of some of the one-of-a-kind products that are not yet available for sale on our website.

This video is the perfect chance to get a closer look at some of our favorite products. We know that shopping online for handmade products can be challenging when you can't touch and feel the item. Sometimes you just want to get a better view or understand more details about a particular product before you push that "Buy Now" button. And you'll also hear more about the creation of these fabulous items and the artists who made them!

We hope you enjoy this up close and personal peek at the exotic world of Central Asia!

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