My Personal Asian Art Gallery-Second Try!!

My Personal Asian Art Gallery-Second Try!!


If you watched the first version of this little video, you discovered that it stops abruptly after 3 minutes and 45 seconds! Blame it on a tech glitch that several HoonArts followers notified me about. (Thank you all!) I've now fixed that glitch, so you have access to the full video.

I’ve told you before that I’ve been engaged in a home remodeling project that I had planned before the pandemic. Well, it went into hibernation for several years, and finally emerged last December, and underwent several changes from the original plan. But I now have a beautiful new home office that is fully functional and provides a beautiful place to work every single day. One of my goals was to create a space where I could display the Asian art work (especially the Central Asian work) that I’ve collected over the years, and now it’s a reality!

I was so excited that I wanted to share it with you! This video is a little longer than most, but each piece in my gallery is like one of my “children” so I couldn’t leave any of them out. And I had to introduce each of them individually, with their own little story. I hope you enjoy your visit!

And I want to thank my interior designer, April Mount, of Haven Interiors (Albuquerque), who helped me create this gorgeous personal haven. I also want to thank Thomas Culp, the owner of TC Canyon Ventures (Albuquerque), who handled most of the construction work. I think they did an amazing job, don’t you?!

I’m getting ready to pack my bags for our latest tour to Central Asia! I leave Albuquerque on April 16 and return on May 12th! I plan to share photos and videos along the way, but it may not be on my regular schedule. I’ll be coordinating with my virtual assistant, Michelle Galao, who is based in the Philippines, so just stay tuned and watch your inboxes. You never know when something might pop up!

While I’m away from home, I obviously won’t be able to ship out any orders.  But if you want to make sure that you don’t lose out on any items that you see on our website, you can go ahead and place your orders while I’m gone. I’ll ship them out as soon as I return.

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