Collaboration in Action: Storytelling from a Different Angle

Collaboration in Action: Storytelling from a Different Angle

Collaboration is one of HoonArts' core values. (The other is authenticity. Stay tuned for future posts on that topic.) What does that look like in action? Or, as (my personal hero) Brene Brown would say, "How do we operationalize that value?" 

As I tackle every item on my never-ending "to do" list, I ask myself, "Does this further collaboration in some way? Or, how can I bring collaboration to this task?" 

Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to find the collaborative spirit. I haven't yet, for example, figured out how I can make filing (I shed paper like a cat shed hair) a "collaborative" effort, since my spouse and only housemate hates filing even more than I do. If you have some ideas, please let me know!

But it was easy to find that spirit of collaboration in the recent Good Cart's webinar on "Brand Storytelling with Purpose Event", in which I joined others to share our knowledge and challenges around storytelling in the context of purpose-driven businesses. I invite you to read the summary blog about the event shared by sponsor Good Carts, watch the video replay to see collaboration in action, and get some great tips on how to improve your own storytelling!

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