Postcards from the Silk Road

Postcards from the Silk Road

Greetings from the Silk Road
Opening Day: Tashkent

Exploring the world of Uzbek traditional crafts at the beautiful ethnographic museum in Tashkent, housed in the former home of a Russian diplomat.

The “camel footprints” pattern on a classic suzani  

A favorite activity is  renting one of these long flowing dresses and doing a “photo shoot” at  one of the favorite dramatic sites in the old town of Tashkent  we saw several worm enjoying the experience while we were there. There were also children flying kites in the area.

A traditional dance troupe was doing a photo shoot at the ethnographic museum while we were there, so we enjoyed the costumes and a little bit of their dance artistry.

We enjoyed the beauty and peace inside the mosque at the main center of Islamic civilization in Tashkent. The complex also houses one of the 3 original Korans still in existence from the 7th century.

Stay tuned for more glimpses of Silk Road magic as we continue our journey.

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