Preparing the Ikat Loom: From our Artisan Partners at Craft Studio IkatUz

In this little video, you will get a glimpse into the behind the scenes work that goes into spinning, dyeing and preparing the threads for the ikat weaving loom at Craft Studio IkatUz in Margilan, Uzbekistan. Special thanks to our colleague and artisan partisan Aziz Murtazaev and the Ethical Fashion Initiative for creating this video and allowing us to share it with our HoonArts audience.


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Meet the Makers ✨Preparing the threads for Ikat weaving involves the participation of a whole community. In Margilan, a city on the Silk Road famous for its Ikat, the threads pass from house to house where each master completes a different step of the process. The silk is spun, counted and divided into groups with the threads carefully aligned. Next, the pattern is applied and the threads are wrapped before going to Aziz’s workshop for the dyeing. The skill required for each stage of this production shines through in the beautiful fabric that results. We’re working hard to support this community to continue their work. - with @europeaid #MeetTheMakers #WhoMadeMyClothes #FashRev #FashionRevolution #Transparency @fashrev @bigstylemediahouse

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