Relax & Let the Music Take You Away

Relax & Let the Music Take You Away

If your week has been anything like mine, you're hot, tired and ready to relax. (It hit 102 degrees F a little while ago here in Albuquerque).

It's been a very full week, with the arrival of Aziz Murtazaev from Uzbekistan, hosting our Uzbek Ikat Weaving Seminar last Saturday, a few tourist activities with Aziz and his artist colleague, and getting my husband and son on the plane for a European trip today after 10 days of tech battles with the airlines which didn't get resolved until late yesterday.

One piece of travel advice: if father and son are traveling together and have exactly the same name, with no "Sr.," "Jr." or Roman numerals, be prepared for overwhelming airline confusion and delay.

I feel like the only thing my brain can handle right now is a musical interlude to "take me back to the Silk Road." So enjoy this repeat of our blog from last December, "Musical Magic from Samarkand" and the accompanying video.

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