“Ceramic Surprize” from Uzbekistan—Master Abdulvahid Bukhoriy

“Ceramic Surprize” from Uzbekistan—Master Abdulvahid Bukhoriy


I created this little video to share the story of the unexpected "ceramic surprize" that I encountered in our Fall 2022 Three Stans Tour to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. One afternoon during our time in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, Munira invited me to join her for a quick visit with Uzbek ceramics master Abdulvahid Bukhoriy. I loved learning Master Abdulvahid’s story and seeing his distinctive ceramic work, which I had never seen before. (He and Munira met because they were both first place winners in an artistic competition in Bukhara, in different years.)

During this short visit, one of his beautiful ceramic pieces wormed its way into my heart and eventually made its way around the globe to my home in Albuquerque. The story behind this beautiful piece, “Sacrifice,” was a big part of why this piece became one of my personal “prizes” of the Three Stans Tour.  And as you’ll see, getting it from Bukhara to Albuquerque became a collaborative effort among several people across three countries. I hope that after you watch the video, you’ll have a better sense of the mission that drives HoonArts and the unexpected ways in which that mission unfolds from day to day.



  • Sylvie Nelep

    Thank you for your interesting video and text on Abdulvavid Bukhoriy. I saw some ceramics in Tashkent. I am now in Bukhara and would like to meet him. Can you please tell where to find him?
    Thank you in advance

  • Rachel Biel

    Wow, that was interesting…. I had seen photos of the platter before, but didn’t really understand the context. The story makes it really special! He seems so sweet…. And, you are such a great bridge between these cultures. Blessings to you!

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