What's a "Deer Stone"?

What's a "Deer Stone"?


Deer stones are large, ancient standing stones found throughout the region of Central Asia known as the Mongolian Plateau, which includes parts of Mongolia, China, and Russia. They are particularly numerous in the Khövsgöl and Arkhangai provinces of Mongolia, where over 700 have been recorded.

These monuments are typically made of granite or other types of stone, and they feature carvings of deer, wolves, ibexes, and other animals, as well as geometric shapes and other symbols. The largest of these stones can reach up to 5 meters in height and weigh several tons, and they are thought to date back to the Bronze Age, roughly 2000 to 1500 BCE, although their exact purpose and meaning remain a mystery.

Despite their prevalence, deer stones are not well understood. Scholars have proposed a number of theories about their purpose and function, but none have been definitively proven. Some believe that deer stones were used as part of a ritualistic hunting tradition. Others suggest that they were associated with shamanism or ancestor worship. Some have theorized they were used as part of a solar cult, with the carvings of animals and symbols representing different celestial bodies and constellations. The placement of the stones may have also had a symbolic significance, with some deer stones aligned in such a way that they point to the rising or setting sun on the summer solstice.

Despite their enigmatic nature, deer stones continue to capture the imagination of scholars and visitors alike. The mystery surrounding these monuments only adds to their allure, and while their exact function remains a mystery, their significance as symbols of an ancient culture cannot be denied. A look into the deer stones is a unique and awe-inspiring experience that offers a window into the past, and a chance to explore the mysteries of the ancient world.

Naryn Region, Kyrgyzstan

Deer Stone Found in Kyrgyzstan!

A deer stone was found in the Tarmal-Sai settlement in the Kochkor district of the Naryn region in eastern Kyrgyzstan. Joldoshbek Butoshev, a resident of Tarmal-Sai, noticed a round stone with drawings while doing irrigation work. He took it home, thinking it might have historical significance. Butoshev showed the discovery to a team of archaeologists visiting the region in 2022 under the direction of Oroz Soltobaev for research. 

Deer stone discovered in Kyrgyzstan Full Article 

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