Felt Animals

Felt Bear - Fair Trade

  • Handmade by Master Kamol Alamshoev and various women from the Pamir Mountains region of Tajikistan
  • Natural wool colors, handmade wool felt and hand spun yarn
  • Approximately 5" tall
  • Each felt animal is one-of-a-kind


    Master Kamol works with a team of impoverished rural women from villages in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan at the "Sharan" Handicraft Center in Roshtkala to create these delightful hand-felted animals that represent the native animal population of the region.  The Sharan zoo includes donkeys, bears, snow leopards, yaks and mountain sheep. “Everything started with the donkey,” Kamol says. The donkey is not just one of the most important farm animals, it was also the initial point for his work with felt.  Click here for more information about Master Kamol and Sharan Handicraft Center.

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