De Pamiri Handicrafts-Hand-knitted Pamir Slipper Socks (Jurab)




De Pamiri is a non profit organization based in Khorog, Tajikistan. Its mission is to facilitate the revival of traditional folk handicraft and the preservation and development of the specific culture of people living in the Pamirs. The organization also seeks to improve the economic situation of people, especially in the remote areas of the Pamirs, where labor migration to Russia is often seen as the only opportunity to sustain their livelihood. Recently, De Pamiri has also become active in the tourism sector, establishing several homestays which create a direct link between tourists and artisans.  Still today, most artisans practice handicrafts in their free time after having worked in the fields during the day. Handicrafts are seen as a second source of income and are therefore produced mainly in the evenings and in winter.  De Pamiri now works with over 100 artisans, the vast majority of whom are women.