Galina Zakharenko - Tajikistan (Russia)

Galina Zakharenko is a Tajik painter that works in many media. Galina specializes in hand-painted wooden jewelry and other decorative wooden items that capture traditional Tajik textile patterns of suzani embroidery and ikat weaving in all their colorful brilliance. Each piece is lovingly handmade, one at a time.

More recently, Galina has been expanding her artwork to textiles, transferring her traditional Tajik designs to fabrics and small bags. She also uses ceramics as a base for her beautiful painting, crafting lovely mugs and vases that sparkle with color and life.
Like many of her countrymen, Galina presently lives in Russia with her family, because of limited economic opportunities in Tajikistan. Her love of traditional Tajik ornaments and patterns is reflected in her art, however, which garners attention all over Tajikistan and Russia. She is also building a reputation as a teacher, leading master classes in her unique painting style.

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