Handwoven Silk Ikat Velvet-Blue, Green and Grey

  • Stunning hand-woven silk ikat velvet fabric by internationally known Uzbek weavers at Craft Development Center

  • One of a kind

  • Fair Trade

  • 17" wide, priced by the yard

  • 100% handwoven, hand-dyed ikat silk

  • Dry cleaning recommended 

Rasuljon's booth at Santa Fe Int'l Folk Art Market-2016


The Craft Development Center, in Margilan, Uzbekistan, is headed by internationally-renowned Master Weaver Rasul Mirzaahmedov. He works with eight other ikat masters and more than 40 weavers at the Craft Development Center.

Rasuljon is a fifth-generation ikat master. “I was born into a family of craftsmen,” he says. Rasuljon’s father, Turgunboy, was an Uzbek ikat pioneer. “He was always considering new designs, structures, and coloring techniques,” Rasuljon remembers, “and that inspired me.” 

Ikat weaving is a very time-consuming and complex process: raw silk goes through 37 steps, including many dyeings, to complete a single piece. “Our hands touch up to 4,000 strands of silk during the process,” Rasuljon says. Traditionally, men warp and dye the silk, and women complete the weaving. Rasuljon's work has been exhibited at numerous international exhibitions, including the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.

Click here to learn more about Rasuljon and his team at Craft Development Center.


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