Kyrgyz Hand-felted Silk Scarf/Shawl, Red Circles on Dark Grey

Elegant hand-felted single-sided silk scarf/shawl by Kyrgyz artisans at Seven Sisters
  • Limited edition

  • Fair Trade

  • Regular: 79" long, 24" wide
  • Extra-Long: 106" long, 24" wide
    • Narrow: 79" long, 16" wide
    • Short: 58" long, 16" wide
    • 100% wool on 100% silk base

    • Hand wash or dry clean

      The Seven Sisters artisan group from Kyrgyzstan is seven sisters from the Sharshambieva family who produce layered, mottled felt and silk products in the tradition of ala-kiyis. For thirteen years, the sisters have worked together, pressing vibrant felt into the rippling designs that tell stories of their culture. Today, the sisters’ work is able to support their large extended family.  “Our love for this work was instilled by our grandmother, a famous skilled worker,” says Farzana. The sisters can remember, as children, watching their grandmother lay patterns down on the carpet, and listening as she explained the legends associated with each design. 

      Click here to learn more about the Seven Sisters.

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