Live Chat with the Artist-Munira Akilova of Tajikistan (April 23, 2020)


Join us for our first ever LIVE VIDEO CHAT WITH THE ARTIST. We'll be chatting live with Munira Akilova, manager and designer for Armughon Handicrafts and Arinumcrafts of Tajikistan. We're keeping the chat intimate by limiting it to 15 live participants, but we'll also record the chat and make it available for later viewing.  

WHEN: THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 9:30 PM MOUNTAIN TIME (8:30 pm Pacific Time, 10:30 pm Central Time, 11:30 pm Eastern Time)

WHERE: Zoom (link will be sent by email to those who "register")

HOW TO REGISTER: Just click the "Add to Cart" button below and complete the "Payment" process. Participation is FREE, but you'll need to go through the payment process in order to complete your registration. If you have a PayPal account, that's the easiest process. 

Why so late? Tajikistan is 12 times zones away from New Mexico, literally on the other side of the globe. They don't observe Daylight Savings Time in Tajikistan, so when it's 9:30 pm in New Mexico, it's 8:30 am the next morning in Tajikistan. We've scheduled the meeting based on Munira's schedule, so she can be at her office with the best internet reception. She reports that it's noisy at home in the evenings, so it would not be conducive to try to schedule a video chat at that time.

What to expect? The internet in Tajikistan is not the broadband we have become used to in the US, so we can expect some screen freezes and delays. However, based on a test call a few days ago, if everyone is patient, it's possible to have a meaningful conversation.


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