Pamir Slipper Socks ("Jurab"), Hand Spun Wool Yarn - Fair Trade

  • The perfect cozy slipper for warming up on a cold day or after skiing
  • Handmade by women in Pamirs mountain villages
  • Hand spun natural wool; colors include natural and synthetic dyes
  • Each pair is one-of-a-kind; patterns and colors different on each pair
  • Tightly woven, some stretch lengthwise; not much stretch in width/circumference
  • Hand wash in cold water, air dry
  • Small size approximate measures:

Foot: 9 1/2" long, 10" circumference
11 1/2"-12" high
11 3/4"-12 1/2"  circumference at top
Approximate US shoe size:  W: 6-7.5; M: 6-6.5
  • Medium size approximate measures:
    Foot:  10" long, 10 3/4"-11 1/2" circumference
    13" - 13 1/2" high
    131/4"-13 1/2" circumference at top
    Approximate US shoe size:  W: 8-9; M: 8-8.5
      • Large size approximate measures:

      Foot: 10 1/2"-11" long, 12" circumference
      13"-15" high
      14"- 14 1/2" circumference at top
      Approximate US shoe size:  W: 9.5-11.5; M: 9.5-11
        • Extra large size approximate measures:

        Foot:  11"-11 1/2" long, 11 1/2"-12" circumference
        13 1/2" high
        14"-14 1/2" circumference at top
        Approximate US shoe size:  W: 12; M: 11-13

          NOTE:  Since each pair is one-of-a-kind, sizes are not standardized.  Choose size primarily based upon foot length and circumference at top.  Go up a size if necessary for circumference at top to fit calf.


          De Pamiri is a non profit organization based in Khorog, Tajikistan. Its mission is to facilitate the revival of traditional folk handicraft and the preservation and development of the specific culture of people living in the Pamirs. The organization also seeks to improve the economic situation of people, especially in the remote areas of the Pamirs, where labor migration to Russia is often seen as the only opportunity to sustain their livelihood.  De Pamiri now works with over 100 artisans, the vast majority of whom are women. 

          Click here for more information about De Pamiri Handicrafts.

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