From Farm to Table to Art in Tajikistan

From Farm to Table to Art in Tajikistan


One memory of Tajikistan that always stays with me is the delicious fruits and nuts, fresh from the orchards that are found in every valley in the country. My own photos can’t do justice to these fruits and nuts, so I thought I would share this drool-inspiring video entitled Tajikistan is a paradise of the sweetest fruits ever in the world” that I just discovered:


Fruits and nuts are a constant symbol of hospitality in Tajikistan. Every table is set with fruits and nuts to welcome guests, along with the required cup of choi (tea).

These fruits and nuts travel from farm to table to art in Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries, as shown by this little video that captures some of my “fruitful” experiences during my first trip to Tajikistan in 2015.



And these fruits and nuts of the garden take on hidden symbolic meanings as they are incorporated into individual artistic designs. In this little video, suzani embroidery artist Munira Akilova explains the meaning behind the elements of an embroidered wall hanging, including the symbolism behind the pomegranate (“anor” in Tajik). 


The HoonArts artists are committed to preserving the ancient cultural heritage of Central Asia and connecting people to the deeper meaning behind the national ornaments. I'm delighted that we at HoonArts can play a small part in this preservation effort by sharing it with you.

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