Tying a Cloud - Silk Ikat Weaving from Uzbekistan

Tying a Cloud - Silk Ikat Weaving from Uzbekistan

Since we begin our next virtual journey to Uzbekistan tomorrow with the first session of our 2023 Silk Road Design Encounter "Traveler" program, I wanted to share a little video we created that showcases the whole silk ikat weaving process. This video includes a combination of photos and videos I captured during our fall 2022 Three 'Stans Tour to Central Asia, as well as some shots from our 2022 Silk Road Design Encounter online program led by master weaver Aziz Murtazaev.

I hope you enjoy our mini-introduction to this beautiful Central Asian textile art--known locally as "Abrband" or "to tie a cloud." The entire process involves several master artists and a total of 37 different steps (after the silk worms give up their beautiful gift). For a more detailed discussion of the vocabulary of Central Asian ikats, check out our earlier blog post here.

Welcome home to the Silk Road!


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